Ceramics from Ancient to Modern Man

Walking Through the Years


Modern industries have always searched for better ways to make their products, and many of them have found ceramics is an answer to their dream. The components are not as expensive as many other materials, and they can be formed, shaped, moulded and made to look like other materials. Modern homes and their owners owe a great deal to the ceramics industry, and walking through the years is one of them. Modern flooring is made with durable ceramics, and it can look like wood, brick, stone, or almost any other flooring material already produced with other methods or materials.

The beauty of a wood floor is one that has been cherished for centuries, but wood can need replacement after only a few decades. People tend to walk in the same areas of their homes on a daily basis, and refinishing can only be done a few times. The boards in the floor will eventually be too thin for another refinishing, but that is not the case with ceramics. They may look like wood, but they do not show wear for a very long time, so refinishing expenses are negligible. Walking on them does not wear them down in spots where they are trod upon often, and they stand up to water quite well.

While wood flooring has been a staple in many homes, ceramic tiles are popular in some areas. They can be created in a huge variety of colours, and they are often used in the kitchen and bathroom where water can be an issue. Wood flooring absorbs water and becomes warped, but ceramic tiles repel water so it can be absorbed with a towel or mop because creating damage.

Vinyl and linoleum flooring is another popular option, but the facing can be worn down by walking on it over the years. The same patterns on this type of flooring can be created in ceramic, and it can stand up to heavy traffic without wearing off the surface. It may seem expensive when installed, but it repays that in decades of wear and walking.